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Dr. Jacqueline Boutrouille

Dr. Jacqueline Boutrouille


  • Diplomat of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
  • Diplomat of the American Board of Addiction
  • Assistant Professor at Palm Beach Consortium for Graduate Medical Education
  • Medical Director at New Road Rehabilitation
  • Medical Director at Peaceful Ridge Outpatient Detox and Intense Outpatient Program
  • Assistant Medical Director at Evolutions Treatment Center
  • Outpatient Opiate Detox Certified
  • Paris (France) Homeopathy Center Graduate


More information about Dr. Jacqueline Boutrouille can be found here.

Dr. Boutrouille has been helping patients and families cope with addiction for over 10 years. She is one of the field's most well known addiction specialists.

Doctor Boutrouille, along with her staff of highly trained and experienced professionals, will evaluate the patient and put together a treatment program to fit the individual needs of each individual patient. "I am working with a team who is trained in addiction. We provide flexible schedule to accommodate every one."

The Road to Recovery is the most beautiful journey that you will ever make for yourself and for your family.




Have you been struggling with opiates, cocaine, alcohol, benzodiazepines or other substances and you want to stop but haven't been able to on your own?

Help is available in our office based programs where you will be treated by a skilled team of professionals working with Dr. Boutrouille to provide safe and confidential care. Office hours are flexible including evening and weekend detoxification and support groups.

What We Offer

Office based treatments for substance use disorders offer an array of different comprehensive approaches for people who will never seek treatment. It is indicated for people who do not meet the criteria for inpatient or long term rehabilitation. Their disease is not severe enough, but still need help of professional like any disease.

Thorough assessment and Evaluation inorder to make the best recommendations for current status.Our Multi-Disciplinary Team provides comprehensive treatment.

  • Office outpatient detox when all the requirements are met
  • Vivitrol injection for Alcohol and Opiate abuse
  • Family therapy for loved ones, either group or individual
  • Individual or group therapy for relapse prevention
  • NeuroFeedback
  • Mindfullness
  • Kundilini Yoga very soon

The Definition of Addiction:

  • Alcoholism and drug dependence are both part of the spectrum of the disease known as “Addiction” or “Substance Abuse Disorder”. In addition to affecting the brain, body, and spirit, this disease is ultimately responsible for wreaking havoc on and destroying one’s health, family, marriage, and relationships. As mental health professionals, it is our responsibility to provide adequate help to those suffering from this disease and assist them in recognizing the manifestations in order to prevent the deleterious consequences.
  • Traditionally, Addiction, or Substance Abuse Disorder, are closely linked to the criminal justice system, the emergency departments, homeless shelters, job loss, and family rupture.
  • The consumption of cannabis is not without taking risk among the 17 year-olds and younger. As shown by the latest studies, there is a strong correlation between the use of cannabis and depression, dropping out, motor vehicle accidents, and suicidal ideation. Multiple factors contribute to the increase of chemical dependency.  In the majority of cases, it starts with smoking marijuana as early as ten years old. Users have an inclination looking for the illusion of detachment of the “real word”. Twenty percent of these young adolescents will move on towards stronger drugs as the brain reward system develops a tolerance, and the need of using more is necessary to achieve the same result.
  • Furthermore, binge drinking, hallucinogens experimentation, oral use of Xanax and Oxycontin are very common among college students. These young individuals get deprived from other reward systems such as hobbies, and relaxing activities. These same individuals grow into the stressful and competitive adult world without achieving the adequate maturity and coping skills necessary to function adequately. This only leads to anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.
  • Pain is the second more common somatic symptom of depression. As treatment is sought for this ailment, a “fast” solution appears to be the best approach but it is sometimes the beginning of a pervasive, maladaptive phenomenon.
  • After gastric bypass, a lot of patients suffered from alcoholism. It is a cross addiction; they switch from food to alcohol. The explanation is simple; it’s all about wrong reward system.
  • Substance abuse is very complex and in many instances is associated with other psychiatric disorders. There should be a common effort aimed at lessening the stigma associated with it.
  • There should be a comprehensive and integrative approach to any treatment; it should include a psychosocial approach through individual and family therapy. Reestablishing trust and reducing suspicion are the key factors for recovery. It calls for not only a good system, but a good understanding of the disease.
  • Our Team is specializing in trauma, eating disorders, post gastric bypass, anxiety and depression.
  • We are aiming at developing several new groups. Group is a good method to prevent isolation and a better understanding of your feelings. You finally feel connected to someone else who suffers the same issues.

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