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The Road to Recovery Starts Here!

Dr. Boutrouille gives hope by offering a complete assessment to patient needs and treatment options. Family counseling can be crucial to allow the patient to realize that they too are loved and that help is available and will be done with love, care, concern, and comfort for the patient during his or her treatment for their affliction. Treatment does not have to hurt to be effective.

Our Multi-Disciplinary Team provides comprehensive treatment.

Personal Detox is now avaiable at this facility. Discreet, personal, outpatient. This may be the ticket that you have been waiting for.
Please click here for Immediate Detox help & more information

What We Offer

Office based treatments for substance use disorders offer an array of different comprehensive approaches for people who will never seek treatment. It is indicated for people who do not meet the criteria for inpatient or long term rehabilitation. Their disease is not severe enough, but still need help of professional like any disease.



Who is a candidate for our program ?
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  • Have you or a loved one become dependent on pain medication or taken more than prescribed?
  • Are you noticing a change in your ability to function and in your family relationships?
  • Did you waste your weekend because you drank?
  • Do you feel guilty about not being able to cut down on your drinking or substance abuse?
  • Have you felt you are going to lose your family or job?
  • Have you received a DUI ticket from Police?

Have you been struggling with opiates, cocaine, alcohol, benzodiazepines or other substances and you want to stop but haven't been able to on your own?

Help is available in our office based programs where you will be treated by a skilled team of professionals working with Dr. Boutrouille to provide safe and confidential care. Office hours are flexible including evening and weekend detoxification and support groups.

Office Based Detoxification

A comfortable outpatient detoxification can be accomplished after a thorough assessment and plan. It is necessary to have a supportive person or significant other participating in this process.

The Road to Recovery is the most beautiful journey that you will ever make for yourself and for your family.



Are you ready to make this journey?
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