Addiction And Recovery Solutions is now licensed by the Department of Children and Families to provide Outpatient Detox.


Detox must be on a “self-Arranged” payment basis.

Call our office at 954-340-3000 to arrange a payment option that works for you when requesting or receiving a Detox Treatment.

We want to remind all patients that they need to have a support system to be eligible for outpatient Detox. This person will be given instructions on how to help you cope with the treatment, assist in your progress, and learn what to do if any unfamiliar situation arises. This means that NO Detox Treatment will be offer if you come alone. You need to bring either family member or significant other or close friend , who will commit to work with the team during the outpatient Detox process. The duration is a minimum of one week.



Who is a candidate for our program ?

  • Have you or a loved one become dependent on pain medication or taken more than prescribed?
  • Are you noticing a change in your ability to function and in your family relationships?
  • Did you waste your weekend because of hang over?
  • Do you feel guilty about not being able to cut down on your drinking or substance abuse?
  • Have you felt you are going to lose your family or job?

Prescription Medication Abuse


Treatment Options

Opiate Detoxification (Vicodin, Percocet, Fentanyl, Heroine, Etc.)

Suboxone, Subetex are safe and efficacious medications for detoxification from pain medicines. It was approved more ten years ago. It has been a major relief for many patients who were desperate to get help.This medication has unique properties to ease up withdrawing from Opiates. Other medications are also prescribed to treat other symptoms such anxiety, insomnia and muscle pain.


Pill Man


Alcohol Detoxification

There is a lot of shame and isolation in alcoholism. This outpatient detox give you an opportunity to get free from alcohol in a safe and private environment. Again, not everyone is a good candidate. A thorough assessment should be done first. There is risks of seizure or Delerium Tremens if you stop drinking abruptly. Librium is the main medication prescribed.


Benzodiazepines Detoxification

Mainly Xanax. It is usely a long process. I use the Birmingham protocole with either Klonopin or Valium.


Cocaine or Amphetamine withdrawal (Speed, Crank, Coke)

The main symptom is the inability to function the next day, which most often leads to the next use. The cycle has to be broken in order to prevent the inevitable consequences which are missing work and isolation from loved ones. There is no medication approved.


Cannabis, K2 Spice

Lately there is a lot of writing on marijuana induced Psychosis. It can create a personality change which sometimes can be induced for the rest of your life. Marijuana is the main factor to fail school. If you stop, your alertness will come back. K2 Spice has brought a lot of people to Emergency Room with palpitations, increase heart rate and feeling of losing one's mind.