What Is Psychiatry?
By Dr. Jacqueline Boutrouille, MD

Diplomat Of The American Board Of Psychiatry & Neurology
Diplomat Of The American Board Of Addiction
Assistant Professor At University Hospital
Outpatient Detoxification Certified

     Dr Boutrouille is board certified in Psychiatry and Addiction. Her primary training is in Psychiatry. In one word she is a “Shrink”, but she is focusing on decreasing the stigma associated with the treatment of mental illness. There is some sense of humor linked to this word, but what matters is to get proper help. It always starts by offering a complete assessment to patient and respond to their needs. Complexity is most of the times the end result and lead to treatment options.

     Our Multi-Disciplinary Team provides comprehensive treatment for Depression, Anxiety, and Panic disorder, which are very common in our society. In addition, her team offers multiple other areas of expertise including: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D.), eating disorder, and various addictions from alcoholism, to gambling, and video games.

“If you get help, it is treatable”

    Medications are fifty percent of the treatment. The other fifty percent is the result of different approaches. In the office, we have different therapists who can provide Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, based on changing your behavior pattern by rephrasing your thoughts pattern. Solution Therapy is based on using your own skills to resolve your personnel issues, for example; using your abilities to find out a solution in your occupational environment, and then use those skills in your private life. Supportive therapy, more based to have a professional listening to your stressors and enhance your coping skills.

    Jim, who is also the clinical Director for Addiction and Recovery Solutions’ Intense Outpatient Program, is running a weekly family group for parents or significant others who have loved ones that have been suffering from addiction. He provides mainly education about addiction and how people develop the disease of addiction. He emphasizes about cross addiction and how to help their loved ones to switch to a positive reward system.

    Jim also runs two other groups on Tuesday and Thursday morning, for Dual Diagnosis. Addiction does not come heralded in your life. A myriad of feelings can be overwhelming and the solution is to hide them. However it doe not resolve them. That is why those groups are so powerful. Everyone knows, it is difficult to express your feelings.

    Believe us, group therapy is very empowering!

     Dr. Boutrouille, psychiatrist and assistant professor work with a team of young physicians in psychiatry training. They provide daily medical assistance. They bring the new trends in psychiatry, it is enlightening .The whole team is very conservative about medications.

     Dr. Boutrouille is proud to say that is how she based her reputation in her community. Her holistic background in Homeopathic and Trace Mineral Treatments is always in the back of her mind.

     Dr Boutrouille was a family physician for 12 years in Martinique, an island in The French West Indies. When she started her training in Charleston, SC, she discovered the field of Addiction. She realized how her knowledge was “naïve” and poor. She developed a dedication to this field. She enjoys teaching Addiction to her residents and strives to take away the stigma about this field, which unfortunately still runs in the medical profession as “They are addicts”.

     ADDICTION is in more than 50% of cases complicated by underlying psychiatric ailments. Our rate of success is due to addressing this issue. Treatment of Depression or Bipolar disorder is crucial for recovery.

     This can be also complicated by self-destructive behaviors. Hiding behaviors or true feelings can be due to abusive relationships, letting one run over or take advantage of you. Half empty attitude, excessive need for recognition or approval, excessive self-sacrifice, self pity, avoidance to be rejected, all these myriad of feelings can lead to harmful behavior and start the disastrous journey that leads to Addiction. Again, we are professionals who want to open your eyes and help to enjoy every day and moment of your life.