Relapse Prevention

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Many people have tried to stop on their own, but were not able to sustain sobriety due to the physical discomfort. Recovery is a long process. It asks for behavior modifications and finding a new social profile.

"First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you."
Famous Quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald

This is the best definition of alcoholism: The inability to control the drink!


Medication aiming at reestablishing balance of the brain neurochemistry. This is highly recommended for the first months of recovery.

VIVITROL injections:

The Office has been an injection site for Vivitrol for almost ten years .We were selected among the nation to run a study for two years . This study brought a lot of positive affirmations from patients
Recently I heard: "The first time I was able to stay sober for more than three months!"

Naltrexone is the basic ingredient of Vivitrol, which comes in a pill form called Revia. It is another option if you do not like injections.

It basically curves the craving and helps you to control your addiction.


Still very helpful in Alcoholism.

All these medications are not the whole answer to your recovery, but if you are committed it will help you to get through the hurdles.


In most of the cases of addiction to XANAX, Klonopin or Valium is an undergoing treatment at the very beginning and slowly tapered until complete discontinuation. Anxiety is always a main trigger. Our goal is to get a proper treatment without any addictive medicine. Anxiety is a daily living situation which renders our lives difficult, but we offer different alternatives such as Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Neurofeedback and group therapy. Homeopathy is an ancient medicine which proved to be helpful.


Pain medication and heroine: Dr Boutrouille never uses Suboxone for maintenance therapy: Her goal is Full Recovery.

Vivitrol Injection was approved by FDA on October 2010 for Opiate dependence.

Naltrexone is an Opiate receptor blocker, which means if you use, you will not get any reaction. It has its limits and risks of overdose, in case you try to override it by overusing. A six months long study shows the following: "Patients treated with Vivitrol were more likely to stay in treatment and refrain from using illicit drugs. Thirty six percents of the Vivitrol treated patients were able to stay in treatment for the full six months without using drugs compared with the 23 percent of the placebo group." Chronic pain is a main trigger, other treatments will address the issue without using opiates.


Treatment will aim at re establishing your chemical unbalance created by the use of cocaine through a good nutrition and sleep hygiene. The reward system has to change and we offer an array of different therapies to help you to rediscover yourself. A treatment for Depression is often the key to get you through your recovery.