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Injections approved by the FDA for Opiate Dependency.

A detox by Suboxone is first necessitated for patients who are currently using opiates (Pain Medications). After completing this process and being off Suboxone for one week, if you are are still struggling with cravings and cannot stay clean. Vivitrol is your answer!

Prior to beginning therapy that uses Vivitrol, a consent form must be filled out, put your name at the top, initial each line, sign and date at the bottom of the form, and return it to this office. It might be wise to sign the form in the presence of the doctor who can then sign the form as well and date it for you.

Download Vivitrol Consent Form Here

FDA Approved Vivitrol - Drug/Alcohol Treatment - CNN Report w/Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Using Naltrexone and Vivitrol to Treat Heroin and Drug Addiction



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Help is available in our office based programs where you will be treated by a skilled team of professionals working with Dr. Boutrouille to provide safe and confidential care. We are one of the first Vivitrol injection site in the nation and our success rate has been very high over the years. We do put our pride in our results. Office hours are flexible including evening and weekend detoxification and support groups.

Alcoholism Treatment by VIVITROL injection.

Four years ago, Vivitrol was approved by the FDA for Opiate dependence after first being approved for alcohol dependenced in 2006, then we started providing Vivitrol injections at our facility.

It is the injection form of the drug called Revia Vivitrol is a slow release form which allows once a month injection. It is indicated for people who continue to relapse despite being motivated for their sobriety. Vivitrol helps to reduce the cravings by blocking the reinforcement from endorphins. Alcohol is an everyday trigger in our society. We have been astonished by the results. We can help because we are medical professionals and also believe in Recovery through the different twelve steps of support group.